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Today I go back to my roots: teaching. I can remember the spot in Green Mountain High School where I knew in an instant I would be a teacher. This was a big old shock to me because I wanted to be anything BUT a teacher. Why? Nothing more than the not-so-original-but-oh-so-true-reason: my mom was a teacher and both grandmothers had been teachers. I, however, was not going to do anything so pedestrian and simple. Oh the arrogance of youth.

But when you have been tapped on the shoulder by One who knows more and your entire mindset shifts instantly, it’s inconceivable not to do and be that which you thought you never would.

And so I went to the wonderful land of KU (Go Jayhawks) and as a Middle and Secondary Education Major focused on Social Studies and Math. Followed by an MA in teaching — this time in Teaching English as a Second Language. I know, math, English, history, politics, geography, apparently I can’t focus and find the WHOLE WIDE WORLD interesting.

Many moons and classrooms later I have taught far more subejcts, levels, types of classes, and students than I ever imagined when I was tapped on the shoulder and envisioned myself as “a teacher.”

Today I’m guest posting at The Teachers’ Lounge about my experience a few weeks ago with “money” and “happiness.” Please check out  Integration Teaching {Bringing Happiness to Venn Diagrams} –and let them know I sent you!

What are your roots? Let’s see how far, wide, and interesting we are! Do share.