Two flights had their baggage delivered to carousel 46 when I returned home from a recent business trip. Standing there experiencing the typical “the trip is over I just want to be home” phase, the carousel began to turn and out popped a box, and then another, and pretty soon I was wondering why so many boxes had been checked. I texted a friend that I was having a Dr. Seuss baggage claim experience.

Big Box
Little Box
What begins with “B?”
Bundles at the baggage claim
      waiting for Ms. Li.

Big Box
Little Box
Why so many here?
Piled high on luggage carts
       holding treasures dear.

Big Bag
Little Bag
Now a few appear.
Faithful little red,
      oh joy! finally coming near!

Unfortunately, Dr. Seuss didn’t sally forth into Beijing traffic. Alas, the ride home wasn’t poetic; even Dr. Seuss can only work so much magic on one trip!

Love the power of books returning to us years later and the twists we can give them. What’s a Dr. Seuss book you enjoyed? Or other author when you were a child?