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“Amy I remember that thing you said.”

Those words send a chill through me because I do a fair bit of public speaking.

Even though I prepare diligently and take any opportunity I’m given to speak into people’s lives seriously, part of my, shall we say, charm is that no one is ever quite sure what’s going to come out of my mouth. Me included.

“I think of you every day at 7:20 a.m.” Why?! That thing you said involved appropriate under garments to be worn to a morning prayer meeting. Oh my. (I do stand by what I said, but really, is nothing off limits for me?!)

Jesus tells of ten who were healed but only one returned to say express gratitude. I was mightily blessed recently when an email arrived recalling that thing you said. One hand wrote it, but it had two authors.

She, grateful for grace. He, a proud Heavenly Father reminding me that my words count and with them can come blessings or curses. He wanted to replay one and show me the ripple effects of blessing.

I was just sorting through my desk, a job well that most of the time isn’t fun. While I was sorting through papers I found a printed off copy of an e-mail from you, written three-and-a-half years ago.

It was when I had gotten in a mix up with Ms.F. I had sent her an e-mail and it was a mess. I was scared it was somehow going to get back to you.

I e-mailed you and you poured grace on me and told me to go get ice cream. 🙂 I printed it off to remember that I didn’t have to be scared.

You were already reminding me to look at what was different in my life and be thankful in it even if I wasn’t there yet. This was a memory that made me thankful and made me want to e-mail you…and tell you…


‘Go get some ice cream.’ Words of blessing, not cursing. Words of release and life and hope. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Like the one who turned back and gave thanks, who is someone you can call or email and share how their words blessed you?