Happy π Day! Since π is 3.14159… March 14th (3/14) is π day! I utterly love pi and have given lectures (some might call it preaching!) on the wonders of π. In case you’re a bit rusty on math, π comes from taking the circumference of a circle and dividing it by its diameter.  π never stops, never repeats, is irrational (in the mathematical sense, not emotionally), you always see something different and it is quite mysterious.  Is that not a beautiful description of God? That every single circle literally radiates the glory and majesty of God is, simply, breath taking.

Stop and just glance around you, how many circles do you see? I see them in

the opening of a vase
the base of my timer
on the front of my IPOD player’s speakers
the power chord plug for my computer
wall clock
my pen
a plate

Each item mentioned contains π. Can’t help it. Can’t stop it. Every single circle holds infinity. Come back to that concept later today! Circles will never be the same. A stop light? Not just one, but three circles declaring the glory of their Maker. A meal, don’t even get me going with all of the circles. And today is π day – let the people rejoice!

Several years ago my sister and one of her daughters celebrated π day by sending me several Pi-ku poems. Pi-ku is a take-off on haiku , but instead of having the syllable pattern 5-7-5, they use, you guessed it, 3-1-4.

In honor of π day, I’ve written a few pi-ku’s for you:

Pi-ku is
for me and you

Rock Chalk Jay
Let’s go KU!

Eden lost
not the last word!

not just for shapes

Other ways of celebrating including eating pie, wearing fun mathematical t-shirts, and instead of giving “high-fives” give “high-pi’s” and tap others with three fingers.

It’s your turn to try Pi-ku! Let’s have fun and share one in the comment section. Happy π day!