Last week I wrote about being asked to write on my hand. Not just any old thing, but what I’ve heard God saying to me recently; you can read about it here. At the end of the post I asked you to share what you hear God saying. To the great blessing of this community, you did.

In my exuberance, I bubbled about us to a co-worker and found myself, the next day, sharing with more co-workers things you had posted in the comment section. I challenged them, us really, to be brave too and write on their hands what they, what we as a community, hear God saying. It’s one thing to post on line when you can control how public or private your identity is, it’s another to do it in person. I get that!

This week I have been reminded, if you want to walk on holy ground, just ask people what God is saying.

God does not have just one crayon in his box! No, he has a rainbow of colors with which to write on our hands and hearts. Some are encouraging, others corrective, but all are unique.

Take your shoes off and as you read through this list; know that you are on the holy ground. Ground where God speaks into the lives you lead, the relationships you struggle with, the meals you cook, the decisions you make, the losses you suffer. He knows you, deep in your souls and here are some of the things he’s been saying:

Your self-pity is not only stealing your joy, it’s keeping you from being the real you.

Trust Me. Trust Me alone

Die to self and live

  • You Get To
  • Hold on to nothing but me
  • You can do it through my strength
  • I am preparing you. Don’t give up
  • Lean hard
  • Be content, right where you are, right now
  • In the struggle, I am with you. Hold on. I will take you through
  • Surrender and trust your life and plans to me knowing that I have your good in mind
  • I have you, don’t worry. Lean on me, I am your strength.
  • I am in the details
  • There is a plan for your best.
  • You are mine and I care
  • I AM here. Where are you?
  • I am at work. Trust me.

Themes of trust, plans, identity, preparation. Longings, hopes, and reassurance are whispered (maybe screamed in some cases!). Similarities occur, but also the personal twist to a situation.

Sometimes God is strangely silent. And if you are crying out and not hearing from him, for right now, in this moment can you look at this list and know that he can speak? Let those represented here help to carry your disappointment as you long to hear from him and for some reason, are not.

To all of us, let us not neglect this discipline of asking what God is saying. I am blessed by hearing what God’s been saying to you … and through you, my soul is colored on with some new crayons.

Were there any of these messages that whispered to you? Please share them with us in the comment section.