I was getting ready to head back to my apartment when Abram asked if I’d help him with a project he was working on before I left. I said yes without getting details.

“What has God has been teaching your recently? What do you hear him saying? Write it on your hand and I’ll take a picture.” He said, showing me a few samples on his camera.

My heart fluttered for just a moment as the choice we each face presented itself. Are you going to wear a mask or not? Will you share something that sounds good but lacks authenticity OR something that reveals what’s been going on?

I’m good with words, so you wouldn’t be able to tell. Why did I agree so quickly? I can’t back out now.

Holding the pen, I looked at another friend and asked, “How do you sum up the conversation we had yesterday? The leg of the journey I’m on?”

How do you put into word that this heartache and pain is starting to lift. That I am slowly returning to me?

“Joy,” he said glancing up from the computer screen, “You’ve got to put joy in there.”


He was right, joy must be a part of it. It’s been the cry for a while now.

And then as if God himself wrote on my hand, I wrote:

Abram took his photos and I returned home. When I got home I needed to take my own photo to remind myself that I am written on His hand and He is written on mine. Behold, I have carved you on the palms of My hands (Isaiah 49:16) and I am not forgotten.

This photo has become my screen saver. I went out that evening with two friends and couldn’t help but wave my hand in their faces. Do you see?! Can you believe with me!? Though they are not the type to write on their hands and then wave them at odd moments, they put up with me. Slowly, slowly joy is being renewed. Humbly, and with palm extended, I say Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

What’s your answer to Abram’s question? Please be brave and at least 20 of you comment. Please.

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